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HTS 4814 Capstone Project

In the Fight

Women Who Took Up Arms for the Revolution

While their reasons for taking up arms during the Revolution differed, these three heroines shared a common bond. They fought to break the stereotypes of what women in their time were capable of and allowed to do. They were thrust into the worst that war had to offer. Camp follower Margaret Corbin had little time to mourn her husband’s death before having to jump into the fray. Deborah Sampson volunteered her services seeking adventure and opportunities but soon became a casualty. Nancy Hart shed Tory blood with no remorse and risked her life for the Revolutionary cause.

Fortunately, their actions were not forgotten over time. Their legacies and tales of valor survived and grew in terms of significance and influence. The effect these women had on the war effort might have been small and innocuous, but their deeds serve as a source of strength and inspiration to this day.

Margaret Corbin

Followed her husband to war and soon found herself in battle. A wounded soldier who became the first woman to be granted a military pension. Tragically short life, but not forgotten.

Deborah Sampson

Drawn to military service by the opportunity to overcome the limits placed on women, she successfully enlisted for the Continental Army disguised as a man.

Nancy Hart

Fiery frontierswoman forced to defend her home and family from British aggressors. Fueled by hatred for the Tories, she risked her life to aid the American cause in battle and through espionage.

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